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Welcome to the annual trend event!

Trendstefan, Sweden’s foremost trend scout, gives you the year’s most important trends in lifestyle and design. What will we do this weekend? What will be the ”potted plant of the year”? What should we woodwork for the summer? How will we consume? And what will the design ultimately look like?

In the analysis, we dive deep into the trends for 2025. Stora Trenddagen takes place on January 17 at Södra Teatern. The price includes the new color map with the trend colors for 2025, which Trendstefan developed together with Toniton. The color chart is hand-painted with Toniton’s new organic and completely plastic-free wall paint, which is launched in connection with Stora Trenddagen. The audience at Stora Trenddagen are professionals in the design industry, i.e. decorators, architects, designers, producers, designers but also journalists, stylists, marketing managers and the curious public. A digital English-language version will be released on the same day.
Welcome January 17th!



Stefan Nilsson, a.k.a. Trendstefan, is constantly on foot to scout the latest in interiors, design and behaviour. Frequently quoted in media he points out behavious such as forest bathing, plantfluencers and how the perception of sustainability changes of the years. This year he specifically looks at “the new premium”, plants and flowers in interiors and how the 80s inspires us. @trendstefan

Sebastian Storm

Sebastian Storm is one of the founders of Toniton – the Stockholm-based color studio that has in a short time gained international attention for its color-coordinated products. Hear him talk about the concept and for the first time introduce Toniton’s new organic wall paint. @toniton_colours


The physical live event Stora Trenddagen will take place at Södra Teatern in Stockholm. Only in Swedish.

The digital event is recorded and will be aired the morning of January 17 and available all that day. You can watch and rewatch. Get a cup of coffee and enjoy.

This year’s color chart was produced together with Toniton, it is hand painted in Toniton’s new ecological and completely plastic-free wall paint which is launched in connection with Stora Trenddagen. You can find more about Toniton’s color-coordinated products here

You can also get a PDF copy of the presentation.

Price for the live event (in Swedish) is 750 SEK incl VAT and the digital seminar is 550 SEK incl VAT. All tickets include the colour chart.

  • Stockholm (Swedish)

    750 SEK
    Södra Teatern
    Mosebacke, Stockholm

  • Malmö (Swedish)

    27 Februari

    500 SEK
    Malmö Live


  • Digital seminar – English

    550 SEK
    Watch the digital seminar from
    your computer, tablet or phone.


  • PDF Presentation – English

    2000 SEK
    Take part of the presentation material in a packed PDF.



Change or die

The world passes through crisis after crisis. We first automatically look for security and nostalgia, but then we need change. This is now. Conditions such as political upheaval, economic stress and high unemployment are driving major, new behaviors. During the crises of 2008 or 1990, new phenomena emerged such as Airbnb (2008) or After Work (1990).

During the last design week in Milan, IKEA decided that retail must change. Nobody wants to buy anything, and IKEA has to adapt to that and offer rave parties or art exhibitions. Something new! During the same week, Paula Navone invited visitors to her studio where she cleaned here space and used a raffle to give away prototypes, samples and products to those who visited her. Who wants to own anything in 2025?

The restaurants will be easier and more fun. Nobody wants fine dining, the house party is here. We are inspired by people who dare to scale down and do something new. Like the American couple behind Woofbowl – the world’s first food truck for dogs. Or Yinka Ilore with a very own color map based on ”happiness”. Or the restaurant that serves food inspired by the children’s programs we watched when we were young.

During Stora Trenddagen, we will talk about all this, and the four
aesthetic trends: Pinstripe Poser, Dapper Dreamer, Sincere Scenery and Kool Kermit. Welcome to the biggest trend activity of the year!



This year’s color map with the trend colors for 2025 has been produced together with Toniton – a Stockholm-based color studio that designs and sells wall paint, tiles and furnishings in matching colours. The color chart is hand-painted with Toniton’s new organic and completely plastic-free wall paint, which is launched in connection with Stora Trenddagen. You can find more about Toniton and their products at and in their paint store at Bergsgatan 53, Kungsholmen.


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